Core Business

We will assist companies in the alignment of their strategies and the recognition and management of opportunities and risks.
The measure of our success will be to increase the company’s value by increasing market share or ensuring a sustainable market share.



Strategic consulting and implementation

We assist companies with strategic focus and implementation of their strategies.

Corporate investments, acquisitions and sales

We will create presentations, evaluate companies, and create transparency by doing due diligence

Succession planning

Our consulting approach is comprehensive. We will consider the needs of the family, the company, and the shareholders.

Interim Management

We specialise in finding interim managers (temporary managers) for projects and line management functions.


We will perform systematic investigations to establish proof of fraudulent financial transactions.


Systematic prevention and structured handling of crisis situations, communication coordinated in terms of content, time and instrumental crisis communication.


Versatility is lived and good design is loved.

We develop and realize concepts from the idea to the product. We aim for an optimal mix of communication media, always based on the client's corporate strategy.


About US

Managing Director

With over 35 years’ experience in management, business development, software engineering, and management of businesses in the fields of investigations, security and surveillance, Beat Meier has the breadth and depth of experience to develop ideas for commercial products, services and solutions quickly and efficiently. Beat Meier has founded and managed several high-tech companies. In addition, Beat Meier was, for many years, lecturer of computer science at the School of Engineering of Grenchen-Solothurn.



"Because I am surrounded by people who share my passionate commitment, my vision, trust, integrity, transparency and responsibility, and who share with me a common goal, everything is possible."

Meier & Company is an owner-led management consulting firm specialising in the achievement of strategic objectives in European markets. We are in a period of dynamic growth with clients from a wide range of markets and industries. Our focus is on companies in the tech sector, alternative energy, health, safety, retail, and production and manufacturing.

Meier & Company is an owner-led management consulting firm specialising in the achievement of strategic objectives in European markets. We focus on dynamic growth with clients from a wide range of markets such as high-tech, alternative energy, healthcare, security, IT, manufacturing and retail.


The dynamic changes in information technology and the shopping behaviour of customers, driven by strong growth in the networking of all communication and sales channels, results in the creation of new businesses and changes in old ones.


These developments offer good opportunities for decision-makers who are better and faster at understanding the dynamics of their markets than their competitors, and who are able to win market share because of their superior knowhow.



As a company, we invest in new ideas together with our clients--and for our clients, drawing on our expertise in the design, development and implementation of new ideas.


In addition to classical strategic consulting, we will also participate actively in existing or new companies, or as representatives of the interests of the owners.


Do you have an exciting business idea, a strategic challenge or do you need to find someone who can represent your interests professionally? If so, then contact us.  We will tackle it together with you.



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