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Cyber Security:
Primary and Further Education

Meier & Company offers comprehensive cyber security training services. Core offerings include customized cyber skills training, cyber range exercises with realistic scenarios, building cyber capacity in organizations, assessing candidates' cyber aptitude, and programs to reskill for cybersecurity roles. These services are designed to enable organizations to defend themselves against sophisticated threats.

  • Cyber skills training: Tailored training programs for businesses and security professionals with a focus on defending against attacks at the national level.

  • Cyber Range Exercises: Simulate real-world threat scenarios to train critical cyber defense skills.

  • Building cyber capabilities: Develop new cyber capabilities in organizations in collaboration with technology providers.

  • Cyber Aptitude Assessment: An AI-powered assessment system that measures candidates’ technical skills and cultural fit.

  • Cyber Reskilling Program: Retraining existing employees in cybersecurity roles to better protect organizations from cyber threats.

  • Data Protection Act: Courses on compliance and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) /
    CH: Federal Data Protection Act (DSG).

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