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Meier & Company works closely with leading educational institutions in the field of cyber security & defense. These collaborations enable us to act as a reliable partner for government agencies, especially through our proven expertise in building cyber agencies. With a portfolio of highly qualified trainers, comprehensive teaching materials and pedagogy that meets industry standards, Meier & Company is optimally positioned to effectively support government institutions in developing and strengthening their own cyber security capabilities.


Success factors

1. Proven regional and local success in cyber training

Our training partner has established itself by developing and implementing comprehensive cyber training programs in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Our courses cover a wide range, from basic Python courses for cybersecurity to advanced programs in vulnerability research. The practical focus of these courses and over 10,000 training hours delivered worldwide demonstrate the ability to adapt content to different regional and local contexts to achieve optimal learning outcomes.

2. Extensive industry and operational experience of the trainers

The instructors bring a wealth of experience from the private sector and the military sector, where they have held leadership positions in countering cyber threats. Their military experience includes numerous cyber operations, which are characterized by a strong commitment to ethical values and national loyalty. This combination of practical experience and ethical commitment forms the foundation of our training programs.

3. Practical learning philosophy for deep understanding

The training philosophy places great emphasis on practical experience. We believe that hands-on experience not only improves theoretical understanding, but also promotes critical and creative thinking. This enables participants to better understand and respond to the challenges and threats of their future professional roles.

4. Diagnostic preparation for an optimized learning environment

Before the programs begin, diagnostic tests are administered to tailor the learning experience to the needs of each participant. This tailored approach allows each participant to get the maximum benefit from the courses by targeting specific knowledge gaps.

Course programs


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