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Cyber Investigation

Cyber Investigation provides customers with enhanced protection of their sensitive data by identifying and fixing security vulnerabilities. It enables rapid detection and analysis of cyber attacks, helping to minimize the scope of damage and prevent future attacks. It also supports compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, which can avoid potential legal consequences.


Our investigative services:

  • Identity theft investigation: Investigation of identity theft or fraud using stolen personal information.

  • Phishing intelligence: Investigating fraudulent emails or websites designed to obtain personal information.

  • Ransomware investigation: Analysis of cases where computers or files are locked and a ransom is demanded.

  • Cyberstalking investigation: Investigation of Internet stalking, surveillance, or harassment.

  • Online fraud investigation: Analysis of fraudulent websites, emails or social media accounts.

  • Malware analysis: Examination of malicious software that is installed on computers.

  • Hacking investigation: Detecting unauthorized use or manipulation of computer systems or networks.

  • DDoS attack reconnaissance: Investigating cases where websites or networks are intentionally overloaded.

Our services provide court-admissible evidence to:

  • To bring perpetrators to justice and hold them accountable.

  • To obtain legal compensation for the damage suffered.

Your added value:

  • Vulnerability detection: Closing vulnerabilities in networks or IT systems to improve security.

  • Protect your company's reputation: Respond quickly and consistently to threats to minimize damage.

  • IT security culture improvement: training employees to increase cyber security awareness.

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